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Quick Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks..

Rhodes is the place to start. If you have a posse, then be sure to ride around on the same horse for the challenges. Ride from Rhodes to the shores of Flat Iron Lake. Head over to the largest Island and collect crabs. You can break them down for crustacean meat.Head back to the mainland and then hunt your way up to Mattock Pond. Hunt and collect animal carcasses, but be sure to leave them intact. Don’t pluck or skin them. Once at Mattock Pond, get your fishing rod out and bait up with some cheese. I know this pond looks empty, but when you cast out Bluegill will exclusively spawn in. Start up the biggest fish contest if you still have a posse member with you and catch 5 Bluegill. Next, head to the farm just south of the pond. There is a campfire there you can cook the crustacean meat on. Head back to Rhodes collecting any extra animal carcasses you might need before selling all 5 to the butcher. Equip your revolvers, take a selfie and then head into a Free Roam Event to finish up for the day. Good Luck out there!




1 BIGGEST FISH CONTEST COMPLETED – Biggest Fish Contests can be accessed via the Posse Vs menu. Join a Posse of more than one and have the leader start the contest. Play it out to the end to get this one

5 BLUEGILL CAUGHT – Bluegill can be found in lakes and rivers all over the map. Cheese is the best bait to catch them with. They like open water and are more active when it’s raining.

1 COOKED SEASONED CRUSTATION – The islands on Flat Iron Lake have crabs on the shore. Get over to the island and kill, collect then break down to get crustacean meat. Pick up some herbs if you don’t have any then head to a fire. Season up that meat and cook it

DISTANCE TRAVELED ON A MOUNT WITH A POSSE MEMBER – Form or join a posse and both get on the same horse and ride the required distance.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A REVOLVER IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free roam events happen every 45mins. Make sure you are in a free roam lobby when one is due to start to be invited. Join the event and kill 3 players with your revolver. Remember, pistols and revolvers are different!

1 SELF PORTRAIT TAKEN – Get one of your cameras out and press the Self Portrait button. Take the picture. Easy Gold! You can use the standard camera.

5 WHOLE ANIMAL CARCASSES SOLD – Sell animals that have not been skinned/plucked to the butcher. Any size animal counts. Donations to Cripps don’t count.


Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Hanover today. She’s just North of Limpany on the Dakota River, between Caliban’s Seat and Flatneck Station in The Heartlands…

  • American Wild Flowers: 5,
  • Tarot Cards: 3,
  • Jewelry: 4,
  • Alcohol: 5,
  • Bird Eggs: 3,
  • Arrowheads: 3,
  • Heirlooms: 2,
  • Coins: 3,
  • Fossils: 4,


*Note:- The Naturalist Summer Update is now live. This update has changed the collector role read about it here ->  Naturalist Update Changes