Red Dead Online Daily Challenges

Red Dead Online Daily Challenges are a set of tasks that change every day at 6am UTC. Challenges include things like killing three players with a rifle in showdowns or skinning an alligator. There are 7 general challenges and up to 3 Role specific challenges per Role. The payout for completing these challenges is 0.1 gold per challenge. There is also a bonus of 0.3 gold for completing all of the general challenges and 0.3 for completing 9 of the role challenges. The role challenges are capped at 9, even though there are potentially 15 available challenges. The best thing about daily challenges is you can earn a multiplier by completing at least one challenge a day. Building a streak will reward you with up to a 2.5x multiplier. So for completing all challenges you can earn a staggering 5.5 gold a day!. 

  • 0-7 Days (no multiplier): 0.1 gold per challenge, 2.2 bars max 
  • 8-14 Days (x1.5 multiplier: 0.15 gold per challenge, 3.3 gold max
  • 15-21 Days (x2.0 multiplier): 0.20 gold per challenge, 4.4 gold max
  • 22-28 Days (x2.5 multiplier) 0.25 gold per challenge, 5.5 gold max

As you can see, this is an excellent way to earn gold, especially if you can dedicate a month to play every day. If you were to max out all 7 regular challenges every day for a month you would have 49 gold bars form just challenges alone. That’s enough to buy all three Frontier Pursuits Roles. Or put another way, almost $20 of real world money.

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