The Frontier Pursuits DLC brought with it the introduction of Roles. Each role offers the player a unique path of progression and the chance to earn tokens. These tokens can be exchanged to unlock certain abilities, vehicles, horses and items specific to each role. The Trader, Collector and Bounty Hunter Roles were added to with the subsequent Moonshiner and Naturalist DLC’s. Each Role offers a unique way to experience the world of Red Dead Online. 


The Trader is the mercantile capitalist of the old west. Your trusty camp companion Cripps has a business idea! Combining his material handling skills and your.. “Tallents”, along with a 15 gold bar donation from yourself of course, the two of you can be the proud beneficiaries of Cripps Trading Co. Combine materials and supplies into sellable goods and make a tidy profit along the way. It’s your job to provide the supplies and the materials, Cripps will turn them into saleable goods.


The mysterious traveling Madam Nazar has an offer for you. Purchase a collectors bag from her for 15 gold bars and fill it with lost or misplaced treasures. Explore the world and seek out these valuables, individually or in sets, and return them to Madam Nazar for a nice reward. She will pay more for a set don’t you know…

Bounty Hunter

There is no shortage of criminals in the old west and the Law can only do so much. Head to Rhodes and exchange 15 Gold Bars for your official Bounty Hunting Licence at the sheriff’s office. You can then pick up work from Bounty Boards located at law offices, train stations, post offices across the states. Pick up work hunting low lifes off all shapes and sizes from common criminals to notorious, legendary gang leaders.


You will need to be a viable Trader to start Moonshining. Reach Trader level 5 or complete at least one sell mission and Cripps will introduce you to his acquaintance, Maggie. She is an experienced shiner with a grudge, needing to get back on her feet and she needs some muscle. She also needs some investment. Pay 25 Gold Bars to gain access to a moonshine shack and start crafting your own black-market alcohol to sell to local buyers. Be careful though. This is a rough game. Federal agents and other Moonshiners don’t want Maggie to get back in business. It’s your job to put them back in their place. 


The Naturalist update introduces two new characters to Red Dead Online. Gus and Harriet. Harriet will recruit you to aid her in her studies of the natural world. Asking you to track, photograph and take samples of all different types of animals. She rewards you well for your efforts and will also put you onto the path of some legendary beasts. Harriet wants to better understand these unique creatures. Gus on the other hand thinks they make fine trophies. He will gladly pay you, handsomely, for the pelts and parts of these animals. He’ll also craft you some clothing if you give him the materials. Visit the pair in the hotel in Strawberry and pay Harriet the 25 gold required to get started. 

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