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Daily Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks.. 


Head to Bluewater Marsh to find bullfrogs and western toads. They are really easy to kill with your knife. Once you have got five of them, head over to Copperhead Landing, near where the railway line forks. There are two patches of Burdock Root in the fork and another 4 or 5 on the peninsula itself. Pick what you need then do some fishing.


Once you have caught ten fish then head south down the railway line to Saint Denis. There is a campfire near the butcher you can use to craft a tonic or two if you need two. Continue south to the fast travel post then fast travel to MAcFarlane’s Ranch. 


Boost your stats with tonics then talk to Bonnie MacFarlane. Complete the mission she gives you and then head into a free roam event with your bow to finish up for the day, 


Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

5 ANIMALS KILLED WITH A KNIFE – You can mercy kill wounded animals with your knife, rope them and kill them with your knife, or just find small, slow animals, equip your knife and use melee to kill them. Toads, Turkeys and Chickens are good targets.

BONNIE MACFARLANE MISSIONS COMPLETED – Bonnie MacFarlane can be found at MacFarlane’s Ranch. Visit her and complete the mission she gives you.

5 BURDOCK ROOTS PICKED – Burdock roots can be found by the banks of most northern rivers and lakes. The banks of the Dakota on the stretch just south of Valentine is a good spot to pick up all 5 for the challenge

CRAFT A TONIC – Tonics can be crafted at camp fires. Potent health care needs 1x Ginseng and 1xYarrow. Potent Snake oil only needs 1x Indian Tobacco. Collect what you need, head to a fire and craft the tonic

10 FISH CAUGHT – The fishing rod is unlocked at rank 14 or you can buy it with gold. Get the rod and head to your favourite fishing spot. Fish have to be caught with the rod, collected ones don’t count

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A BOW IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free roam events happen every 45mins make sure you’re in a free roam lobby when one is due to start. Equip your bow before the event starts and get 3 kills. Dynamite arrows count

2 PLAYER STATS BOOSTED BY TONICS – Tonics can be taken to boost Health, Stamina and Dead Eye. Loot or craft them then tab right on the weapon wheel to select them. Snake oil, Cocaine gum and health tonics are fairly common

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in West Elizabeth today. On the border between Tall Trees and Great Plains…

American Wild Flowers: 6,
Tarot Cards: 4,
Jewelry: 5,
Alcohol: 6,
Bird Eggs: 5,
Arrowheads: 6,
Heirlooms: 6,
Coins: 4,
Fossils: 5,


What do the Collector Cycles mean?