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Daily Guide

Starting in West Elizabeth today folks..

Make sure you have 5 feathers in your satchel then visit the butcher in Strawberry. Sell him the feathers to complete both of those challenges at once.

Head down towards Riggs station and after dark there will be Opossums. Shoot and skin two of them then head down to the banks of the Upper Montana River. There are two patches of Wild mint on the southern bank of the river, directly above the ‘Z’ on the map. If you don’t get enough from those two to complete the challenge then there are two more patches below the ‘Z’.

Pick what you need then either use your wilderness camp or head to Blackwater to fast travel to Colter. Ride up to the Adler Shack and speak to Sadie. Complete the mission she gives you then equip your rifle and head into a showdown to complete the last two for the day.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

FEATHERS SOLD – Sell Feathers at the butchers. Look for any birds, kill em, pluck em and head to the butchers for that Easy Gold!

3 PLAYER KILLS IN DEAD EYE IN SHOWDOWNS – Whilst playing in a showdown series, kill players whilst in dead eye. I’ve found the “shootout” series to be most consistent when getting these kills to count.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A RIFLE IN SHOWDOWNS- Make sure you have your rifle equipped before you join a Showdown match and then use it to kill 3 players. You will have to be in the lobby before the match starts for the kills to count

SAIDE ADLER MISSIONS COMPLETED – Saidie Adler can be found in the Adler shack up in the Grizzlies. Fast travel to Colter and ride up to speak to her. Complete the mission she gives you.

VIRGINIA OPOSSUMS SKINNED – The Swamps of Lemoyne, Southern Heartlands and around Riggs station are all good spots between dusk and dawn

VISITED A SHOP IN STRAWBERRY- Simply head over to Strawberry and go to one of the shops or butchers. Easy Gold!

5 WILD MINT PICKED – Wild Mint is common in Marshes and along the banks of streams and rivers. My go to spot is the ‘V’ of Valentine on the map and a bit further up the bank of the river

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Austin today. She’s near Twin rocks in Cholla Springs…

American Wild Flowers: 2,
Tarot Cards: 1,
Jewelry: 2,
Alcohol: 1,
Bird Eggs: 1,
Arrowheads: 3,
Heirlooms: 3,
Coins: 2,
Fossils: 3,


What do the Collector Cycles mean?