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Daily Guide

Starting in New Austin today folks..

Armadillo to be exact. There are several patches of Wild Feverfew directly to the west of the railway station. There are three patches that run along the railway tracks. Pick the five that you need for the challenge then it’s time for some squirrel hunting.

Squirrels are common in most places. You will find them to the south and the east of Armadillo. Pelicans are the only bird that gives you exotic bird meat. There are a couple of spots at Thieves Landing and Quaker’s Cove where you can find them. Hunt, kill and collect two squirrels on your way towards Thieves Landing.

Whilst you are travelling, keep a lookout for lone travellers. Lasso them off their horse and wait for them to turn hostile. You can tell they have when they turn red on the mini-map. That, and they start to shoot at you! Once they are hostile, trample them. Keep doing this with lone travellers until you have done all five for the challenge.

Search the coastline from Thieves Landing up to Quaker’s Cove for Pelicans. I usually find one on the little island just past Quaker’s Cove. Shoot one and get the exotic bird meat then head to the house next to the ‘T’ on the map. There is a campfire you can use in the yard. Use it to cook the seasoned Exotic Bird Meat and four other provisions.

Join a free roam event and try to finish in the top three then equip your bow and jump into a showdown to finish up for the day.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

1 COOKED EXOTIC SEASONED BIRD MEAT – Exotic bird meat can be got from Pelicans. The Shore of Flat Iron Lake is a good spot to find them. Also try the coastline north of Saint Denis. Find one, kill it then skin it and head to a campfire to season it an cook it.

5 NON-PLAYER ENEMIES TRAMPLED – Trample NPCs with your horse. Thieves Landing NPCs are good for this one, or enemies in bounty missions or resupply missions. If you want to be “artistic” about it hogtie 5 NPCs and put them in a line and ride over them

PLACE TOP 3 WITH A SCORE IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free roam events occur every 45mins. make sure you’re in a free roam lobby when one is due to start to be invited. Join an event, play the objective to score points and try to finish in the top 3. Bit of a time gate on this challenge.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A BOW IN SHOWDOWNS – Make sure your Bow is equipped then load into a Showdown series from the quickjoin menu or the main menu. Dynamite arrows count. You must be in lobby before the match starts for the kills to count. Takeover and Shootouts are most reliable

5 PROVISIONS COOKED AT CAMPFIRE – Find a fire, cook anything from the “provisions” tab on the craft/cook menu. This one is easy gold!

2 SQUIRRELS COLLECTED – Squirrels can be found in most woodland areas. Tall Trees is a good spot. So are the woods around Rhodes. Find 2, shoot them then pick them up

5 WILD FEVERFEW PICKED – Wild Feverfew is found in New Austin the desert North of Armadillo is a great spot to pick up all

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Hanover today. She’s just North of Limpany on the Dakota River, between Caliban’s Seat and Flatneck Station in The Heartlands…

American Wild Flowers: 4,
Tarot Cards: 6,
Jewelry: 6,
Alcohol: 6,
Bird Eggs: 5,
Arrowheads: 4,
Heirlooms: 5,
Coins: 5,
Fossils: 5,

What do the Collector Cycles mean?