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Daily Guide

Starting in West Elizabeth today folks..

There are only two of the challenges that are location specific today. They can both be done together. Check your map for Sean Macguire and work from there.

Check your lockbox for candies and gun oil, or go to the store to buy some if you don’t have any. Eat your candies and clean your weapons. Now we have full bellies and maintained firearms, we can go out and work.

There are snakes around Riggs Station and Thieves Landing. There are also several snakes in the area North of Tall Trees and south of Strawberry. Hunt them and skin two to complete the challenge.

Once you have the snakes, head towards Sean. Speak to him and complete the mission he gives you. If he doesn’t have work for you then you will have to switch sessions and try again.

Find a posse and complete the races. Use the posse up menu or just try and join a posse in your session. This one can be tough if you play solo, but if you can find a friend it’s easy enough.

If you have been playing nice you should have gone a game day without reaching high hostility so all that’s left to do is jump into a showdown for the melee kills to finish up for the day.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

5 CANDIES EATEN – Candies can be bought from the store or the catalogue for $3. Check your lock box first though, they are often given as rewards. They can also be looted from several places on the map. Eat five of them to complete the challenge.

DON’T REACH HIGH HOSTILITY WITHIN ONE GAME DAY – Simply play nice! Don’t be a Micha for one entire game day. Bit of a time gate on this one but it is simple, easy gold.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH MELEE IN SHOWDOWNS – I recommend defensive ability cards for this one if you have them. You will have to be in the lobby before the match starts for the kills to count. Try and get melee kills during the match

3 POSSE RACES COMPLETED – This is started from the Posse Vs menu. Join or start a posse of more than one player and have the leader startup the races. Complete three of them to tick this one off.

1 SEAN MACQUIRE MISSIONS COMPLETED – Sean Macquire can be found near Quaker’s Cove in the Great Plains or in Tall Trees. Ride to him, accept and complete the mission he gives you.

2 SNAKES SKINNED – Find 2 snakes, kill em and skin em. The pools of water in Lemoyne are a good place to get snakes.

3 WEAPONS CLEANED WITH GUN OIL – Gun oil can be purchased in shops or looted from various places and NPCs. Highlight a dirty weapon in the weapon wheel and click the right thumbstick in. Select clean weapon.

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Austin today. She is near Manteca Falls just south of Thieves Landing…

American Wild Flowers: 4,
Tarot Cards: 6,
Jewelry: 4,
Alcohol: 5,
Bird Eggs: 6,
Arrowheads: 5,
Heirlooms: 4,
Coins: 5,
Fossils: 4,

What do the Collector Cycles mean?