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Daily Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks..

Most of today’s Daily Challenges can be completed in and around Bluewater Marsh. We will start at the Fast Travel Post in Legras and work our way out from there. Keep an eye out for campsites to defend whilst you are riding around.

Visit and Hunting

Visit Legras then take the road north and round into Bluewater Marsh. Check the river bank for a campsite defense as you ride past. There are plenty of Alligators here that will give you teeth to sell later, and lots of birds. If they are not flying then shoot the ground below them to spook them into the air. There are several bear spots in the woods between Bluewater Marsh and Fort Brennand. Just ride around the woods on both sides of the river until you find one and then kill it.

Distance Traveled and Oxen

Ride over to Emerald Ranch to look for the first Oxen. If you haven’t already got it, this will give you the remaining distance needed travelling on a mount. There is another campsite defense on the way so make sure to look out for that as you ride. Check Emerald Ranch for an Oxen and skin it if it’s there. The small farm to the North West of the Ranch is another good spot to check for Oxen. So is Carmordy Dell, the farm just north of the oil fields. Check the spots and change sessions if you have to until you have both Oxen skinned.

Teeth Sold

Finally, ride to Valentine to sell the alligator teeth collected earlier to the butcher in town. Continue to search for Campsites to defend if you still need to and then that will be all 7 done for the day.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

ANIMAL TEETH SOLD – Alligators are my go to for this one. Head to Lemoyne, kill and skin a gator and head to the butcher to sell the teeth.

1 BEARS KILLED – Bears can be found in several locations, West of Wallice station is a good spot. So is the Southern end of Tall Trees. Find one and kill it.

1 DEFEND A CAMPSITE – Dynamic events happen all over the map. Look for smoke and listen for gunshots. If you see some travellers (wagons circled) being attacked by bandits, go and save them! South of Tumbleweed and the grasslands west of Blackwater are my go to spots for these.

DISTANCE TRAVELED ON MOUNT – Simply ride your horse the required distance. Easy Gold!

10 FLYING BIRDS KILLED – Kill 10 birds that are in flight .It’s really as simple as that! Nice, Easy Gold!

2 OXEN SKINNED – You can find one Oxen at Guthrie farm, the little hamlet just below Heartland Overflow. Switch sessions to get both, or try the hamlet above Heartland Oil Fields‬

VISITED LAGRAS – Lagras is in Lemoyne, North of Saint Denis. Simply head to the area and get that easy gold!

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in West Elizabeth today. She’s by the banks of Little Creek River in Big Valley…

American Wild Flowers: 3,
Tarot Cards: 6,
Jewelry: 3,
Alcohol: 3,
Bird Eggs: 1,
Arrowheads: 2,
Heirlooms: 1,
Coins: 4,
Fossils: 4,

What do the Collector Cycles mean?