Saturday 02 January Daily Challenges

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Daily Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks.. 

All of the non PvP Daily challenges can be completed in and around Rhodes today. Pelicans and Wild Boar will give us the meat we need for cooking, there are cows at Hill Haven Ranch and Anthony Foreman is just west of Rhodes. 

Candies Eaten

Check your lockbox at the Rhodes Trainstation for candies. They are often given as rewards by Rockstar. If you have none, go to the store and buy a pack. Eat them there and then to complete the challenge. 

Cooked and Seasoned Meat

Wild Boar and Pelicans can be found along the bank of Flat Iron Lake and down into Bolger Galde. Hunt the Boar and Pelicans to get the meat you need. There are plenty of herbs for seasoning the meat and campfires can be found at Braithwaite Manor and east of the Fence in Rhodes. Head to the nearest one to cook the meat. 

Cows Skinned

There is a ranch to the north of Rhodes, Hill Haven Ranch where you will find cows to skin. There is also a campfire here so you could choose to cook the meat here if you prefer. 

Finishing off

Now all that is left to do is visit Anthony Foreman and the PvP. Anthony is one of the strangers and can be found in a shack just outside Rhodes. Complete the mission he gives you then join a PvP based Free Roam Event with your Bow equipped to complete today’s challenges. You can find the schedule here.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

ANTHONY FOREMAN MISSIONS COMPLETED – Anthony Foreman is one of the Strangers and will give you a Free Roam Mission. He can be found just to the West of Rhodes. 

5 CANDIES EATEN – Candies can be bought from the store or the catalogue for $3. Check your lock box first though, they are often given as rewards. They can also be looted from several places on the map. Eat five of them to complete the challenge. 

1 COOKED EXOTIC SEASONED BIRD MEAT – Exotic bird meat can be got from Pelicans. The Shore of Flat Iron Lake is a good spot to find them. Also try the coastline north of Saint Denis. Find one, kill it then skin it and head to a campfire to season it an cook it.

3 COOKED SEASONED PORK – Pork can be got from Pigs and Boar. Both are common in the wild all over the map, especially at night. Boar can often be found in Bluewater Marsh & Scarlett meadows. For Pigs try Cholla Springs. Then head to a fire, season up that pork and cook it up.

3 COWS SKINNED – Emerald Ranch, The ranch just north of Rhodes, and the ranch just north of the tunnel near Heartlands Oil Fields are all good places for cows. Kill and skin them at night to reduce your chances of attracting the law. 

1 HERB PICKING CONTEST COMPLETED – Herb picking contests are accessed in the Posse Versus menu. Form or join a posse and have the leader start the contest. 

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A BOW IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free roam events happen every 45mins  make sure you’re in a free roam lobby when one is due to start. Equip your bow before the event starts and get 3 kills. Dynamite arrows count

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in West Elizabeth today. She’s by the banks of Little Creek River in Big Valley…

American Wild Flowers: 5,
Tarot Cards: 4,
Jewelry: 5,
Alcohol: 6,
Bird Eggs: 4,
Arrowheads: 5,
Heirlooms: 5,
Coins: 4,
Fossils: 6,


What do the Collector Cycles mean?