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Rockstar Nerfs Daily Challenge Gold

With the latest Bounty Hunter update in Red Dead Online came a change to the Daily Challenge system. It’s fair to say this has not gone down well with the community. Several players have complained and some have sworn off the game altogether.

As of 1st December 2020, the amount of gold bars earned for completing a daily challenge has been halved from 0.2gb to 0.1gb. On top of that, the x2.5 multiplier that is achieved by completing at least one challenge a day for 21 days will forcibly be reset after 28 days. Meaning not only has the reward dropped from 0.5gb to 0.25gb, but there is now a maximum of 14 days that players will be able to enjoy the new, lower maximum payout. Everyone has also had their streaks reset to zero as of 1st December.

I can understand why this nerf has happened. With the addition of the 9 Role Challenges each day, and a whopping 1/2 a gold bar per challenge dedicated players were able to pull in upwards of 8 gold bars per day. That doesn’t even include the bonus gold for completing 7/7 Daily Challenges and 9/9 Role Challenges.

With this earning potential, players were able to stack up 1000’s of Gold Bars. With a new role costing 15 gold bars to purchase, these dedicated players would never need to buy gold in the store… ever!

I understand why it had to be done. But taking away the challenge streaks that some dedicated players have maintained for over 400 days is the wrong way to do it. And to couple it with a, well let’s be kind and say a less than exciting update is just a recipe for annoying loyal players.

Surely the streak metric could have been maintained? Allowing those players that wear those streaks like badges of honour to continue to do so, and a reason to continue to log in every day. Without it, there are a lot of players who just simply don’t have the motivation to log in and play the game anymore.

Maybe Rockstar just doesn’t care and are banking on the stand alone version replacing those loyal players with new, gold thirsty players who are more likely to purchase gold with a credit card than to grind it out with these reduced payouts. Only time will tell if these changes affect the player base permanently.