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Quick Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks…

This isn’t the best of days. They are all simple enough but depend on a certain element of luck and having Posse members to play with if you’re hoping to to get through them quickly. The Egrets and the Pelicans, which we need for exotic bird meat, are both in Lemoyne. Copperhead Landing is my go to for Pelicans. Legras and the Kamassa are the best spots for Egrets. There is a fire near the butcher in Saint Denis you can cook the exotic meat at. That’s it for the solo PvE stuff. To finish up for the day you need to Posse Up and complete a Hunt the Leader, and then ride around with a posse member on the back of your horse. Then it’s into the Race and the Free Roam events. Good Luck out there!




1 COOKED EXOTIC SEASONED BIRD MEAT – Exotic bird meat can be got from Pelicans. The Shore of Flat Iron Lake is a good spot to find them. Also try the coastline north of Saint Denis. Find one, kill it then skin it and head to a campfire to season it an cook it.

DISTANCE TRAVELED ON A MOUNT WITH A POSSE MEMBER – Form or join a posse and both get on the same horse and ride the required distance.

1 EGRETS SKINNED – Egrets can be found in Lemoyne, particularly along the banks of the Kamassa River. Try in the bend near the ‘B’ of Bayou NWA

1 FINISH RACE IN RACE SERIES – Load in to a race from the Main or Quickjoin menu. Play a race from lobby to lobby to get this one to count.

1 HUNT THE LEADER COMPLETED – Hunt the leader is a Posse Vs. Start or join a Posse with more than one member and have the leader start the match.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A RIFLE IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free Roam events happen every 45mins. Make sure you’re in a free roam lobby to be invited. Also make sure you have your rifle equipped before you join and then use it to kill 3 players.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH MELEE IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free Roam events are every 45mins and you need to be in a free roam lobby when one is due to start to be invited. Join a PvP based event and get up close and personal to get kills with melee.


Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in Ambarino today. Near Window Rock, just to the north of Cumberland Forest…

  • American Wild Flowers: 1,
  • Tarot Cards: 6,
  • Jewelry: 2,
  • Alcohol: 2,
  • Bird Eggs: 6,
  • Arrowheads: 3,
  • Heirlooms: 5,
  • Coins: 4,
  • Fossils: 6,


*Note:- The Naturalist Summer Update is now live. This update has changed the collector role read about it here ->  Naturalist Update Changes