Sunday 22 November Daily Challenges

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Quick Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks..

Rhodes is a good place to start. There are 3 patches of Yarrow behind the train station. One above the ‘S’, another just to the east of that and then if you need a third patch then there is some more to the north west, a little further along the railway line. Pick all five plants then head towards Saint Denis. Use the bridge that runs between the words ‘Kamassa River’. There are two vanilla plants to your right as you cross the then three more near the junction with the path that crosses the railway line. Pick all five plants then look around for Muskrats. Follow the railway east to the waters to the east of Caliga Hall and you should find a couple. If not, head to Bluewater Marsh, the place is full of them! Make sure you have 5 animal meats to sell, then head into the city to the butcher and sell the animal meat. Whilst doing these, keep an eye out for other players to photograph. If you are struggling, then try and quickly photograph an AFK at the beginning of a free roam event. Use the fast travel post and travel to Armadillo. Ride to James Langton, complete the mission he gives you then equip your shotgun and jump into a Free Roam event to finish up for the day. Good Luck out there!




2 AMERICAN MUSKRATS SKINNED – Muskrats can be found along the shores of lakes and rivers in New Austin, West Elizabeth, Lemoyne and New Hanover

5 ANIMAL MEAT SOLD – Sell any animal meat at the butchers. Get animal meat from hunting and skinning animals. Donations to Cripps at camp don’t count for this one.

1 JAMES LANGTON MISSIONS COMPLETED – This stranger mission can be started by going to the cabin on Lake Don Julio in Rio Bravo, New Austin. Start the mission and take out the targets to complete the challenge.

1 OTHER PLAYERS PHOTOGRAPHED – Get your camera out and take a snap of another player. If you see someone approach you with a camera, be sure to strike a pose!

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A SHOTGUN IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free Roam Events happen every 45 mins. Make sure you’re in the free roam lobby when one is due to start to be invited. Once in, kill 3 players with a shotgun.

5 VANILLA FLOWERS PICKED – These can be found growing on the side of trees in Lemoyne, particularly in the Bayou.


Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Hanover today. She’s North of Annesburg in Roanoke Ridge…

  • American Wild Flowers: 3,
  • Tarot Cards: 3,
  • Jewelry: 1,
  • Alcohol: 3,
  • Bird Eggs: 1,
  • Arrowheads: 3,
  • Heirlooms: 1,
  • Coins: 3,
  • Fossils: 1


*Note:- The Naturalist Summer Update is now live. This update has changed the collector role read about it here ->  Naturalist Update Changes