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Quick Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks..

Bluewater Marsh is the place to be today. There are plenty of toads and bullfrogs to pick up and break down, there are also Turtles here to skin. Get these two challenges done then head to the East of the area, where the railway forks. There is a patch of Burdock in the middle of the fork and another just off to the east. You should get all five plants from those two spots. Next, head towards Saint Denis. The area between Bayou Nwa and the city, next to the ‘E’ in Lemoyne on the map has a dog you can pet. Then head into the city and find a building tall enough to jump off of and onto your horse. I always seem to have trouble getting this one to register. Persistence is key here. Also I find hopping a balcony rail seems to stop it registering. A flat roof you can actually jump off is more reliable, for me anyway. Ride the loop round the city and help someone in need and by the time all that is done you should have completed a day without reaching high hostility. There is no PvP or Posse Vs today so that is us done for the day. Good Luck out there!


5 BURDOCK ROOTS PICKED – Burdock roots can be found by the banks of most northern rivers and lakes. The banks of the Dakota on the stretch just south of Valentine is a good spot to pick up all 5 for the challenge

DON’T REACH HIGH HOSTILITY WITHIN ONE GAME DAY – Simply play nice! Don’t be a Micha for one entire game day. Bit of a time gate on this one but it is simple, easy gold.

1 HELPED SOMEONE IN NEED – These are the dynamic events that happen in free roam such as Rescues, Kiddnappings and escorts. Saint Denis and the surrounding area are good spots to try and find one. This is a tough one though. Total RNG.

1 JUMPED ONTO A HORSE FROM 3M HEIGHT – Find a ledge or rooftop that you can climb up to and can also place your horse below. Climb up and jump down, landing on your horse.

PETTED A DOG – My favorite challenge ever! Find a dog, pet it. Don’t listen to Cripps. There’s a dog in Tumbleweed near the Stables. There are a couple in Thieves Landing. You can also pet your camp dog if you have one.

5 SMALL ANIMAL CARCASSES BROKEN DOWN – Small animals such as squirrels or chipmunks can be broken down by going into you satchel, clicking over to the materials tab then highlighting the small animal. Small fish also count for this one

1 TURTLES SKINNED – Turtles can be found in Bluewater Marsh, South of Caliga Hall, on the islands of Flat Iron Lake or at Stillwater Creek. Find one, kill it and skin it.


Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in Lemoyne today. She is in Bolger Glade in southern Scarlet Meadows…

  • American Wild Flowers: 5,
  • Tarot Cards: 4,
  • Jewelry: 1,
  • Alcohol: 3,
  • Bird Eggs: 1,
  • Arrowheads: 4,
  • Heirlooms: 1,
  • Coins: 4,
  • Fossils: 1,

*Note:- The Naturalist Summer Update is now live. This update has changed the collector role read about it here ->  Naturalist Update Changes