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Daily Guide

Starting in New Hanover today folks.. 

Valentine is a good place to start. Head to the store to pick up some gun oil if you need to and clean your weapons. Then head to a saloon for a drink or five. There are other ways to get drunk for free, like in your moonshine shack or your camp so if you are low on funds do that instead. 

Cause some trouble in town and then escape the law. Whilst you’re on the edge of town, hunt for five perfect pelts and skunks. Get the pelts then head back into town to sell them at the butcher.

Look on the map for Hamish Sinclaire. He will either be at Catorra Springs or O’Creaghs Run. Ride over to Hamish keeping an eye out for Skunks on the way if you still need one. Speak to Hamish and complete the mission he gives you. All that’s left to do then is the shotgun kills in a Free Roam event.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

ESCAPE THE LAW – Get a wanted level and escape the law. Towns are the easiest place to do this. Just get the wanted level then high tail it outta town to lose them.

1 HAMISH SINCLAIR MISSIONS COMPLETED – This stranger mission can be triggered by visiting Hamish Sinclair. Try the shack next to O’creaghs’ Run or the camp at Cotorra Springs. Completing the mission completes the challenge.

5 PERFECT PELTS SOLD – Kill 5 perfect animals and skin them. Take your pelts to the butcher and sell them. Donations to Cripps will not count.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A SHOTGUN IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free Roam Events happen every 45 mins. Make sure you’re in the free roam lobby when one is due to start to be invited. Once in, kill 3 players with a shotgun.

2 STRIPED SKUNKS SKINNED – Skunks are common at night. Tall Trees, Bolger Glade and Cumberland Forest are all good spots to check. Find em, kill em and skin em for that gold!

1 TIMES BECAME DRUNK – Head to a camp or a saloon and drink until you’re drunk! It takes 5 beers to get drunk.

3 WEAPONS CLEANED WITH GUN OIL – Gun oil can be purchased in shops or looted from various places and NPCs. Highlight a dirty weapon in the weapon wheel and click the right thumbstick in. Select clean weapon.

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in Ambarino today. She’s near O’Creagh’s Run in Grizzlies East…

American Wild Flowers: 2,
Tarot Cards: 3,
Jewelry: 1,
Alcohol: 2,
Bird Eggs: 6,
Arrowheads: 5,
Heirlooms: 6,
Coins: 1,
Fossils: 4,

What do the Collector Cycles mean?