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Daily Guide

Starting in New Hanover today folks..

The poor folks of Emerald Ranch are in for a tough time today. There you will find Sheep to get mutton from and one of the Bulls. Get the mutton you need and skin the bull here before heading to Primordy Dell. This farm is just to the North East of Heartlands Oil Fields. There is another bull here. There is also a campfire you can use to cook the mutton you just got from Emerald Ranch.

From here, head down into Lemoyne. Vanilla Flowers exclusively grow in Lemoyne. Hunt flying birds on the ride down. Head for Bayou Nwa. There are several Vanilla Flowers on the side of the trees. Check near the covered bridge and railway bridge under the ‘O’ in Lemoyne on the map.

Pick the five flowers needed for the challenge then head into Saint Denis to help someone in need. There are plenty of beggars and rescues in the city that will count towards this challenge. Then all that’s left to do is the Elimination series and the Pistol kills in Free Roam Events.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

2 BULLS SKINNED – The best place to find bulls is either at the farm North of Heartlands oil field or the farm East of Mattock Pond. Kill em and skin em to get the gold!

3 COOKED SEASONED MUTTON – You get mutton from sheep and rams. White hat you can hunt for Desert Rams in NA or there are Rams on the mountain slopes of Ambarino. Or black hat and go to Emerald Ranch at night. Head to a fire and season up that mutton and cook it.

FINISH SHOWDOWN IN ELIMINATION SERIES – Enter an Elimination match from the start or quick join menus. You will have to be in the lobby before the match starts and play all the way through for this one to count.

10 FLYING BIRDS KILLED – Kill 10 birds that are in flight .It’s really as simple as that! Nice, Easy Gold!

1 HELPED SOMEONE IN NEED – These are the dynamic events that happen in free roam such as Rescues, Kiddnappings and escorts. Saint Denis and the surrounding area are good spots to try and find one. This is a tough one though. Total RNG.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A REPEATER IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free Roam events happen every 45mins. Make sure your repeater is equipped and your in a free roam lobby when a PvP event is due to start. Join the event and get the kills

5 VANILLA FLOWERS PICKED – These can be found growing on the side of trees in Lemoyne, particularly in the Bayou.

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in Ambarino today. She’s near O’Creagh’s Run in Grizzlies East…

American Wild Flowers: 5,
Tarot Cards: 1,
Jewelry: 6,
Alcohol: 4,
Bird Eggs: 6,
Arrowheads: 6,
Heirlooms: 6,
Coins: 3,
Fossils: 5,

What do the Collector Cycles mean?