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Daily Guide

Starting in Lemoyne today folks..

Bluewater Marsh is the place to be today. There are plenty of Bullfrogs and Toads you can collect to break down. Fish will also count towards the small animal carcasses broken down challenge. There are also plenty of Spoonbills here. Hunt the spoonbills and fish/hunt for small animals then head to Rhodes.

Stop off at the campfire to cook and eat some meat on the way. There is a campfire just to the east of the Fence on the outskirts of Rhodes. Visit the butcher and sell the spoonbill plumes and feathers you just collected. That will give you money towards your fast travel to Armadillo.

From Armadillo, ride up to Fort Mercer and get the visit completed. Next it’s time to jump into a Showdown. Fatten yourself up with the meat you cooked and get those headshots, hopeful managing to finish in the top three for one of the matches to finish up for the day.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

5 MEATS EATEN – Meat from any animal or bird counts for this. If you already have some on you, then eat it. If not, head over to a camp fire and cook up some meat!

PLACE TOP 3 IN A SHOOTOUT SHOWDOWN – Shootouts are a group of PvP game modes and can be accessed through the main or quick join menus. Load into the series and try and place in the top 3

3 PLAYER HEADSHOT KILLS IN SHOWDOWNS – Kill other players with headshots. Takeover and Shootout series seem to register the kills the best and remember, you need to be in the lobby before the match starts for the kills to count

5 SMALL ANIMAL CARCASSES BROKEN DOWN – Small animals such as squirrels or chipmunks can be broken down by going into you satchel, clicking over to the materials tab then highlighting the small animal. Small fish also count for this one

2 SPOONBILLS SKINNED – Spoonbills can be found in Lemoyne. Under the ‘O’ on the map is a good fixed spot in the day. Between midnight and dawn try next the the covered bridge on the way to Rhodes

VISITED A SHOP IN RHODES – Simply head down to Rhodes in Lemoyne and go to one of the shops or the butchers. Easy Gold!

1 VISITED FORT MERCER – Head down to Fort Mercer in Rio Bravo, New Austin. If you fast travel to Armadillo it’s a short ride to the fort. Nice easy gold!

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Austin today. She’s near Twin rocks in Cholla Springs…

American Wild Flowers: 1,
Tarot Cards: 6,
Jewelry: 4,
Alcohol: 3,
Bird Eggs: 5,
Arrowheads: 1,
Heirlooms: 1,
Coins: 5,
Fossils: 6,

What do the Collector Cycles mean?