Thursday 24 December Daily Challenges

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Daily Guide

Starting in New Hanover today folks..

There are a couple of things to do in preparation for today’s challenges. Check your satchel and see if you have any buckles, rings, gold teeth etc to sell to the Fence. You will also need to make sure you have plenty of herbs for cooking and feeding your horse, and some fish to break down to flaky fish meat. Once you have that, you’re ready to go.

Items sold to a Fence

Ride south from Emerald Station to Emerald Ranch. There is a Fence outside one of the buildings. You can sell items that you have looted from bodies or found around the map. Talk to the Fence and sell him three of the items you have collected.

Pheasants Skinned

Ride West from Emerald Farm towards Heartland Oil Fields. To the North and North East of the oil fields is a good place to hunt for Pheasants. They are usually on the ground and will spook as you approach, so have your varmint rifle at the ready and shoot a couple of them when you find them. Skin them to complete the challenge.

Cooked Seasoned Flaky Fish

There is a farm to the North East of the oil fields, Carmordy Dell, where there is a campfire you can use. Head there and break down some of the fish that give you flaky fish meat such as pickerels or bass. Use the campfire to season and cook the flaky fish meat.

Horses Fed

Jump onto your horse then use the horse item wheel to feed your horse. I like to feed him five of the herbs that are often challenges such as wild feverfew, currants or prairie poppies, especially if I’m carrying the max amount. You can just feed your own horse five times to complete this challenge.

Non-Player Enemies Killed while in Dead Eye

You will probably get this challenge from just playing normally. I like to take out Revenue Agents for this one. Any NPC will do thought, supply runs, moonshiner missions, stranger missions and bounty hunting are all good options. Just remember to use dead eye and you will get this one.


All that is left to do then is the PvP. Head into a Takeover via the main online menu or the quick join menu. You may have to go from lobby to lobby to get his one to register. The last one for the day is the Free Roam Events. Pick out a PvP focussed event and make sure you are in a free roam lobby when it is due to start so you are invited. You can check the schedule here. Get the throwing weapon kills, and yes dynamite count’s as a thrown weapon to finish up for the day.

Good Luck out there!

Quick Guides

3 COOKED SEASONED FLAKY FISH – Flaky fish meat can be got by breaking down fish in your satchel. Pickerels, and Bass will give you flaky fish meat when broken down. Pick up some herbs, head to a fire, season and cook to get that gold.

FINISH SHOWDOWN IN TAKEOVER SERIES – Load up a Showdown from the Takeover list of matches and complete a full match. You’ll need to go lobby to lobby to get this one to register.

5 HORSES FED – Most herbs collected can be fed to your horse or you can buy apples, carrots etc from the store. Get some food and feed a horse. You can just feed your own horse 5 times.

ITEMS SOLD TO A FENCE – Jewellery can be looted from NPCs and and several buildings in free roam. Find 3 items and sell them to a fence.

5 NON-PLAYER ENEMIES KILLED WHILE IN DEAD EYE – Enemy NPCs can be found in story missions, dynamic events, and resupply missions. Thieves Landing NPCs also count as Non-player enemies. Activate dead eye and kill 5 of them.

2 PHEASANTS SKINNED – Pheasants can be found in the Great Planes, The Heartlands and Gaptooth Ridge as well as other places. They are a ground bird that can be hard to spot unless you stumble on them and spook them. Under the ‘W’ in Blackwater is a good spot to check

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH THROWN WEAPONS IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free Roam events happen every 45mins and you need to be in a free roam lobby when one is due to start to be invited. Join one of the PvP events and get kills with thrown weapons. Railroad Baron and Dynamite are a good combo

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in Ambarino today. Near Window Rock, just to the north of Cumberland Forest…

American Wild Flowers: 5,
Tarot Cards: 5,
Jewelry: 1,
Alcohol: 2,
Bird Eggs: 3,
Arrowheads: 4,
Heirlooms: 6,
Coins: 6,
Fossils: 2,

What do the Collector Cycles mean?