Wednesday 02 September Daily challenges

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Quick Guide

Starting in Rhodes today folks…

You can start anywhere in New Hanover or Lemoyne to be honest, but Rhodes has a butcher to sell the pelts to and there are four spots of Yarrow between the train station and the big red flour mill. At night that area is also good for Bats. Get the bats, pick the herbs and hunt for the pelts. Then the rest are PvP. Good Luck out there!


1 FINISH RACE IN RACE SERIES – Load in to a race from the Main or Quickjoin menu. Play a race from lobby to lobby to get this one to count.

5 HERBS EATEN – Either eat herbs you find in the world or if you have them already in your satchel you can eat them from there.

3 LITTLE BROWN BATS COLLECTED – Check the cave entrance behind the waterfall at the northern shore of Elysian Pool. Dusk to Dawn is best. You can also see them flying around the skies of Bluwater Marsh at night.

5 PERFECT PELTS SOLD – Kill 5 perfect animals and skin them. Take your pelts to the butcher and sell them. Donations to Cripps will not count.

3 PLAYER KILLS FROM COVER IN SHOWDOWNS – Kill a player from behind cover in a showdown mode. Takeover and Shootout series are the most reliable for getting this one. Make sure you are in the lobby before the game starts for the kills to count

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH A REVOLVER IN SHOWDOWNS – Pick your favorite revolver and head into a Showdown series. You’ll need to be in the lobby before the match starts for the kills to count and remember, pistols and revolvers are different!

5 YARROW PICKED – My go to spot is just south of Valentine around Caliban’s seat. There are several groups around here.

Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Austin today. She’s near Plainview in Rio Bravo…

American Wild Flowers: 2,
Tarot Cards: 5,
Jewelry: 5,
Alcohol: 1,
Bird Eggs: 2,
Arrowheads: 3,
Heirlooms: 6,
Coins: 1,
Fossils (PS4 Only):1,



*Note:- The Naturalist Summer Update is now live. This update has changed the collector role read about it here ->  Naturalist Update Changes