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This guide will explain all you need to know about Red Dead Online Gold Bars in the multiplayer world of Red Dead Redemption 2. We will cover what gold bars are, what they are worth, ways to earn them and what you can spend them on. If you would like to earn gold fast then read our Gold Grinding guide.

How to Earn Gold Fast In Red Dead Online

Let’s get into it…

What are Red Dead Online Gold Bars?

There are two currencies in Red Dead Online, $RDO and Gold Bars, also known as Gold. Gold is the microtransaction currency and can be purchased with real world currency via the Playstation Store or the Microsoft Store. It can also be earned in game through various different methods. Gold is counted in nuggets and bars with 100 nuggets making one gold bar.


How do I get Gold?

Gold can be earned through most gameplay activities in Red Dead Online. Story Missions, Stranger missions, Treasure Maps, Bounty Hunting and PvP all pay small amounts of gold. The typical amount of gold you will earn for each activity will be….

  • Bounty Hunting: around 0.36 gold for a 15 min bounty.
  • Stranger Missions: around 0.16 gold for a 15 min mission.
  • PvP: 0.16 gold per match
  • Story missions: Between around 0.03 gold and 0.06 gold.
  • Treasure Maps: 0 to 2 gold bars

Another easy way of earning gold is by resetting awards. You can earn awards for things like selling items to a butcher, selling herbs, collecting animals and other various elements of the game. Resetting these awards can net you an instant 0.4 gold. The likelihood is you have maxed a few of these out without even realising it. It’s worth periodically going into the progress menu and checking if you have any that you can reset. 


Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are a set of tasks that change every day at 6am UTC. Challenges include things like killing three players with a rifle in showdowns or skinning an alligator. There are 7 general challenges and up to 3 Role specific challenges per Role. The pay out for completing these challenges is 0.1 gold per challenge. There is also a bonus of 0.3 gold for completing all of the general challenges and 0.3 for completing 9 of the role challenges. The role challenges are capped at 9, even though there are potentially 15 available challenges. The best thing about daily challenges is you can earn a multiplier by completing at least one challenge a day. Building a streak will reward you with up to a 2.5x multiplier. So for completing all challenges you can earn a staggering 5.5 gold a day!

  • 0-7 Days (no multiplier): 0.1 gold per challenge, 2.2 bars max 
  • 8-14 Days (x1.5 multiplier: 0.15 gold per challenge, 3.3 gold max
  • 15-21 Days (x2.0 multiplier): 0.20 gold per challenge, 4.4 gold max
  • 22-28 Days (x2.5 multiplier) 0.25 gold per challenge, 5.5 gold max

As you can see, this is an excellent way to earn gold, especially if you can dedicate a month to play every day. If you were to max out all 7 regular challenges every day for a month you would have 49 gold bars form just challenges alone. That’s enough to buy all three Frontier Pursuits Roles. Or put another way, almost $20 of real world money. Be sure to check out the Daily Challenges section of the site for guides on how to complete the challenges.


What can I buy with my Gold?

Gold is the premium currency in Red Dead Online. Whilst things like ammo, tonics, provisions and regular clothing all cost $RDO, Gold is needed for more lucrative items. Gold is also  needed for purchasing the specialised Roles with prices ranging from 15 Gold Bars for the three Frontier Pursuits Roles up to 25 Gold Bars for the Moonshiner Role. Some of the more desirable clothing can only be purchased with gold too, along with the Outlaw Passes. Some of the quality of life improvements such as multiple meat cooking and wilderness camp fast travel are locked behind a paywall in those passes so they are usually worth purchasing. The good thing with the Outlaw Passes is you get most of, if not all of your gold back if you get to the max level of the pass. 


What is Gold Worth?

Of course if all that seems like too much hard work, you have the option to use your credit card and purchase gold via the store. There is a one time special offer where you can buy your first 25 Gold Bars for $/£4.99. After that Gold Bars cost…

  • 25 Gold Bars: $9.99 / £8.99
  • 55 Gold Bars: $19.99 / £18.79
  • 150 Gold Bars: $49.99 / £44.99
  • 245 Gold Bars: $74.99 / £69.99
  • 350 Gold Bars: $99.99 / £89.99


What Roles Pay Gold?

At the time of writing, The Bounty Hunter Role is the only role that pays out gold. With the release of the Prestigious Bounty Hunter you are also able to periodically trade you additional Role XP in for gold. This makes this role attractive if you are willing to grind it out to earn gold for the other roles. 



Gold Bars are the microtransaction currency Rockstar uses to monetise Red Dead Online. Certain aspects of the game are locked behind a gold bar paywall, however there are several in game opportunities to earn gold bars if you are willing to grind them out. On balance, dedicated players can earn enough gold to get most things they want. The Daily Challenge Gold nerf has reduced one of the most effective ways to earn gold bars but has brought a bit of balance to the game.