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Quick Guide

Starting in Ambarino today folks..

Ambarino is the place to be for Alaskan Ginseng. Chez Porter, to the North West of Window Rock is the only place you will find more than one plant. There is a collection of plants next to the tower. Your closest fast travel point is Wapiti. Ride along to the farm then pick the plants. Head to Valentine for the shop visit via Cumberland Forest, there are a couple of hideout spots you can check. Clear any you find on your way to Valentine then visit a shop in town. There are two patches of Oregano on the western border of the town, pretty much directly in line with the butcher. Go and pick five of them then continue on to Cumberland Falls to check for another hideout if you still need one. Next, ride down to Bard’s Crossing for the Largemouth Bass. If you check where the river enters the lake you will find plenty of them. After all this riding you will probably have trampled five animals, but if you haven’t then focus on completing that before completing the Free Roam event challenge to finish up for the day. Good Luck out there!


5 ALASKAN GINSENG PICKED – Alaskan Ginseng can be found in Ambarino and Northern West Elizabeth. They grow in forests and are usually on their own. There is a farm near Window Rock that has loads of plants. Just check near the tower.

5 ANIMALS TRAMPLED – Kill 5 animals by running over them with your horse. Shallow fish filled water is good for this, or mercy kill wounded animals by running them down. Also try Turkeys.

2 HIDEOUTS CLEARED – Gang hideouts spawn at certain locations around the map. Check out the excellent work of u/thirdlegacy red_dead_online_event_map_ver2

3 LARGEMOUTH BASS CAUGHT – Largemouth Bass can be found in the southern rivers and lakes. Crayfish is the best bait but they will take the special spinner. My go to spot is where the river meets Flat Iron lake near Bard’s Crossing

5 OREGANO PICKED – Oregano is a common herb all over the map. A good spot to get all 5 is along the north bank of the Dakota River just round the bend from Caliban’s seat.

3 PLAYER KILLS WITH EXPLOSIVES IN FREE ROAM EVENTS – Free Roam Events happen every 45 mins. Make sure you are in a free roam lobby when one is due to start to be invited. Once in the event, kill players with dynamite. Dynamite arrows count too if you have them.

VISITED A SHOP IN VALENTINE – Simply head over to Valentine and go to one of the shops or butchers. Easy Gold!


Madam Nazar And Collector Cycles

Madam Nazar is in New Austin today. She’s near Plainview in Rio Bravo…

  • American Wild Flowers: 1,
  • Tarot Cards: 2,
  • Jewelry: 6,
  • Alcohol: 1,
  • Bird Eggs: 6,
  • Arrowheads: 2,
  • Heirlooms: 5,
  • Coins: 4,
  • Fossils: 3


*Note:- The Naturalist Summer Update is now live. This update has changed the collector role read about it here ->  Naturalist Update Changes